New Year, New Name

A notice about my name change, and why I felt it was necessary.

December Hiatus

I'm taking a writing hiatus during December. Here's what it means & how you can still read my writing.

Where To Read My Writing

My website is the place for updates on events & publication news. To read my fiction, poetry & essays, go to. . .

Mini Zine Making Guide

A free guide on how to create a mini zine.

What The A Stands For

365 in one year? That’s impressive, Even for me. I guess I’m excited About facilitating a writing workshop. Today, I was still moving– Via public transportation. That’s tough. At least on my arms. I take on too much on my shoulders– The A doesn’t stand for Atlas. I wish I had a Greek name. I … Continue reading What The A Stands For

Hey, You! You Inspire Me.

Writing poetry before an open mic. Thanks, Adam Robinson! Your words Inspire me–plus I like the picture On the cover of your book. When clean-shaven, I wonder How long it takes you to grow Your beard out again. I have trouble Growing full beards, so I wonder About these things. I also want to thank … Continue reading Hey, You! You Inspire Me.

You Aren’t What You Are Called

Understand your name is a joke. It isn’t who you are, but what people Call you. Shakespeare said this more Eloquently–you know, the line about A rose being a rose. Or was that Bacon? Some say they are one in the same, So forgive my transgression. I only have an A. A. in English; I … Continue reading You Aren’t What You Are Called