New Story: “Unfinished Symphony”

A new story about understanding one's place in the cosmos.

Failure Of Words

I will tell you a story As briefly as possible. I represent failure. I am never precise enough. (How can I be when there are So many intricate pieces to every puzzle?) Efficiency is an unachievable goal; To express a thing as it is is to travel Back to before the dawn of the cosmos And … Continue reading Failure Of Words

God Is All

We knew the answer before primordial seas parted, Before life was breathed into handfuls of dust. Sentient, yet stupid; inquisitive, yet forgetful. Don’t doubt the question–it is valuable, as questions go. Question your definition of “answer.” It is merely a response, Not a truth, not a falsehood–merely a response. Silence says as much as yes … Continue reading God Is All

Heroes Of Existence

I used to believe flowers Were under-aged trees When I was a child. See, I was young and small, And colorful and beautiful Just like the tulips and buttercups In my mother’s garden. Adults were taller, sturdier And far more rigid than I. They were less likely to be blown This way and that by … Continue reading Heroes Of Existence

Twilight: Between Dawn And Night

There is no change to spare– Only stasis. Either light or dark; That’s all there is, and I’m sick of it. From the cosmos came a question; Humans are the answer. How long can we suffer between Two extremes, pulled this way And that by competing, contradicting forces? I miss the brown and grey Of … Continue reading Twilight: Between Dawn And Night

A Lesson In Miracles

The two inches that separate bird shit from Landing on your shoulder and splattering on the sidewalk. Deciphering my handwriting. Having a poem published. Again. Life. A full stomach. Decent parents. Avoiding nuclear war. A reliable WiFi connection. Unlimited 4G service. Unlimited text messages. Having someone to text an unlimited number of times. A puppy’s … Continue reading A Lesson In Miracles

If Unicorns Were Evil

A unicorn is like a double-sided weapon: Which end is the business end? Its horn can pierce you, in your heart, Where it hurts the most. You’ll sing Sad songs and write poems bemoaning Unrequited loves. You’ll lament that the world Isn’t like Candy Land, full of gumdrops and peppermint sticks. The other end of … Continue reading If Unicorns Were Evil