New Story: “Unfinished Symphony”

A new story about understanding one's place in the cosmos.

What The A Stands For

365 in one year? That’s impressive, Even for me. I guess I’m excited About facilitating a writing workshop. Today, I was still moving– Via public transportation. That’s tough. At least on my arms. I take on too much on my shoulders– The A doesn’t stand for Atlas. I wish I had a Greek name. I … Continue reading What The A Stands For

Hey, You! You Inspire Me.

Writing poetry before an open mic. Thanks, Adam Robinson! Your words Inspire me–plus I like the picture On the cover of your book. When clean-shaven, I wonder How long it takes you to grow Your beard out again. I have trouble Growing full beards, so I wonder About these things. I also want to thank … Continue reading Hey, You! You Inspire Me.

You Aren’t What You Are Called

Understand your name is a joke. It isn’t who you are, but what people Call you. Shakespeare said this more Eloquently–you know, the line about A rose being a rose. Or was that Bacon? Some say they are one in the same, So forgive my transgression. I only have an A. A. in English; I … Continue reading You Aren’t What You Are Called

Life Is Around You*

Around you is life– You already knew that. People, animals, trees Are all alive, just like you. But that’s not all that is alive. Rocks, the wind, buildings Are alive, too, in different ways. There is a science behind life, Though scientists fail to comprehend It. To them, “life” is limited by certain traits. Until … Continue reading Life Is Around You*

Failure Of Words

I will tell you a story As briefly as possible. I represent failure. I am never precise enough. (How can I be when there are So many intricate pieces to every puzzle?) Efficiency is an unachievable goal; To express a thing as it is is to travel Back to before the dawn of the cosmos And … Continue reading Failure Of Words

He Said Nothing

He said he had made it a rule not to date poets. They were too sensitive, too emotional, he reasoned. To a poet, each argument was Armageddon; Every less-carefully chosen word was an insult. Poets drained him, emotionally, he complained. In trying to find happiness, they sucked all the joy From life and those around … Continue reading He Said Nothing