Greetings and salutations!

Thanks for stopping by this page. You must be curious about what I mean by support (sorry if you were looking for tech support). I’m an independent writer, and as such I wear quite a few different hats and perform a variety of activities (all legal!) to keep the dream alive. Below are some ways you can support my writing.


Gumroad – A place where I sell my zines, eBooks, handmade journals, buttons and other products. Includes freebies and subscription services (alternatives to Patreon).

Patreon – A monthly contribution gets you access to my writings, including: poems, stories, blog posts, eBooks, audio readings, videos and more, depending on contribution amount. Rewards start at $1.

Zazzle – I design t-shirts, buttons, notebooks, coffee mugs and other products for readers & writers. There are sales and deals on a regular basis.


I accept contributions from the following sites:

Free Ways to Support: