New Book! Gratitude: Baltimore

Release of Gratitude: Baltimore, a book of photos, poems and essays that form a love letter from the author to Baltimore, its people and culture.


New Zine! Why I Never Met My Grandpa

Why I Never Met My Grandpa is my new zine of short fiction about violence and redemption, despair and triumph.


Where To Read My Writing

My website is the place for updates on events & publication news. To read my fiction, poetry & essays, go to. . .

December Hiatus

I'm taking a writing hiatus during December. Here's what it means & how you can still read my writing.

Lower Zine Prices

New lower prices on zines & more at my online store.

Audio: “We Buy Bootleg”

Listen to audio poem "We Buy Bootleg."

Sold Out: Confessions

Print copies of Confessions are all gone. Here's how you can get a free PDF copy of this fiction zine.