July Writing Prompt

We’ve developed justice--whether divine, legal, karmic, cosmic or moral--to provide consequences for actions.

June Writing Prompt

June’s writing prompt is Warmth. Whether it’s summer weather, a tender hug or the comfort of familiarity, there are different ways to experience warmth.

May Writing Prompt

May’s writing prompt is History. History is what led up to our present situation, be it personal history, family history, cultural history or human history. It is one thing that binds all peoples together; during historical events, what were our ancestors doing? how were they involved, if at all? We all come from somewhere.

April Writing Prompt

April’s writing prompt is Poetry. April is National Poetry Month in the US. What a fitting prompt for the month. Poetry is movement, fluidity, sound and being present in the moment. Poetry is mindfulness.

March Writing Prompt

March’s writing prompt is Nature. Nature is all around us in the natural world, the world we created in the nature of civilizations and societies, and within us as the core essence of the nature of what it means to be human.