Love’s Harvest

We love underharvest moons,and glean tears. Copyright 2012A. J. HayesGive a poet a pen 

Moon Tears

Maybe this time she’ll love me.If not, I’ll send her sailingon the moon raysthat drip from my eyes. Copyright 2012A. J. HayesGive a poet a pen 

No Dollars, No Sense

… I could transmutate frustrationInto poetry, but I failed Alchemy 101.Instead, I’m enclosed in a circle;I have money, which I cannot accessWithout a valid ID, yet I need moneyTo renew my expired ID. This gameIs written in law; people reducedTo numbers, whether the dollarSign comes before or after the digits. I sit at the library, … Continue reading No Dollars, No Sense


How cold is the ice dangling at the end of malice?I am a jeroboam of holiness, collecting snowflakesClouds throw down as if they were ninja stars. The future is a steampunk adventure, completeWith Victorian period clothing and sensibilities.The planet’s resources will boil. Earth is a crucible. What will remain once all the salt is covered … Continue reading Witness

The Sound Of Your Scent

There is a cymbalunder the bed,a snare drumin the ice box.There is melody in this house,heavy with your fragrance. Copyright 2012A. J. HayesGive a poet a pen 

Hope Happens

I hope this poem meets your approval,If approval is to be met wherever you might be.Like two hitchhikers on the sameRoad heading in opposite directions,Serendipity turns hope into happens.Just as you, while on your way to class,Happened to see me sitting on the bench.I had thought earlier that it wouldBe an injustice if I forgot … Continue reading Hope Happens

Bearers Of Bad News

Poets are the bearers of bad news.Our tongues are drenched in oil,Our teeth as shards of flint;We set the world ablaze when we speak. Poets speak truth, not only to power,But to the weak, to convince themThat they, too, are powerful.Those that rule do so not from their own strength;They siphon energy from the meek,Gorging … Continue reading Bearers Of Bad News