Failure Of Words

I will tell you a story As briefly as possible. I represent failure. I am never precise enough. (How can I be when there are So many intricate pieces to every puzzle?) Efficiency is an unachievable goal; To express a thing as it is is to travel Back to before the dawn of the cosmos And … Continue reading Failure Of Words

He Said Nothing

He said he had made it a rule not to date poets. They were too sensitive, too emotional, he reasoned. To a poet, each argument was Armageddon; Every less-carefully chosen word was an insult. Poets drained him, emotionally, he complained. In trying to find happiness, they sucked all the joy From life and those around … Continue reading He Said Nothing


It often ignites, frequently warms and is always hot. Plasma: the seldom whispered 4th phase of matter; Fire: tangible energy manifested in the physical world. Flame: able to be held, though doing so isn’t recommended. It is pure heat. There is only heat. Cold is the transfer Of heat from one object to another. It … Continue reading Flame


The penis is the measuring stick of manhood. Whose is bigger? Whose has been in more women? He with the higher number is crowned champion. But the loser has the option to wrestle the crown away. Perhaps this why so many disagreements between men Boil down to pissing contests and brawls. Copyright 2013 A. J. … Continue reading Phallus

Becoming Black Again

We are the last stars born Under a colorless atmosphere. Our smiles refract light, Taking it apart by wavelength. I do not want to live in a colorblind Society where everything is white. Give me purples and browns, Fuschia and yellows–combinations And primary colors. I want to absorb The world around me and become black … Continue reading Becoming Black Again

One Day We’ll Hit The Ground

A tumbling essence of words, Art, culture, history: when will You cease to plummet? What is the ground to you? A bed, a mother’s embrace. I suffocate under blankets, Yet wake the next morning. One day I’ll be a euphemism And you’ll be a metaphor; At that moment we’ll finally Understand what a poem is. Copyright … Continue reading One Day We’ll Hit The Ground

Polaris Is In The Sky*

Follow me not; I Am neither Polaris nor A compass. I am A man–riddled with errors, Pierced by flaws; naked, but warm. *Written yesterday, Feb. 23rd. Copyright 2013 A. J. Hayes Give a poet a pen