January Update

Greetings and salutations,

First update of 2019, and it is full of new announcements. New writings, new products, new promotions. Here’s what new.


Winter Dew

A snowy haiku. Read more.

Don’t Hold Back

“For the past few years I’ve been holding back on sharing my writing. I felt that I was writing too much, that I needed to space out my projects. That goes against my natural tendency to get the work out there, to put the work out there, to share what I’ve created.” Read more.

By You, I Mean Me

“My own riddles/ Tangled me in onion skin/ I couldn’t unravel:” Read more.

*The above writing is available to read on Medium.*

Patron Pen: Prose, Poems & Pics

A digital book compilation of my writing and art on Patreon since 2017. Download here or here.



Short hand drawn comics on colorful card stock. Only one copy per issue printed. Three issues available: “I Draw Dinosaurs,” “2 Moods” and “Deadly Game.” $2/each. Order here.

Afro Shapes Button

A new button design using “Afro Shapes” drawing (which appeared in a previous issue of My Medium). $1.25/each. Order here.

Digital Books

Catalog of 13 previously published books. Genres range from poetry to fiction to fantasy. $4/each. Order here.

My Medium

Individual issues of My Medium are now available for purchase. Art, poetry, fiction and essay digital zines. $3/each. Order here.


Catalog of 4 free digital books: Stranger Than Speculative Fiction, Vol. 1 & 2; Seattle’s Hymn and The Enchanted Prince. Free to download or pay-what-you-can. $0/each. Order here.


There’s a special offer that I’m running on Patreon for new and upgrading patrons. From now until February 9th, become a patron at the $5 or $10 tiers and receive a copy of both Why I Never Met My Grandpa and Gratitude: Baltimore. Regularly, these books cost $20 together, but you can get them for as low as $5 during this special. Become a patron here.

That’s all I got (I know, it was a lot). Enjoy the rest of the month and happy reading!