Patreon Update

Greetings and salutations,
Attention everyone! I have a Patreon update. These changes are partly because of exhaustion and creative fatigue.
1) Monthly writing prompts end effective immediately.
2) New $2 tier! (see below)
3) Any new poems & flash stories will be for all patrons; these posts, along with my essays, will be cross-posted as paid writings on Medium and will be included (with occasional artwork) as PDFs on the 4th Wednesdays for members of my new $2 tier and up.
4) Artwork will no longer appear as individual posts, but will be included in the PDF at the end of the month.
5) Any new digital zines and books will be made available to $5 tier and will be uploaded Mondays rather than Tuesdays.
6) Audio readings and videos will be occasional instead of monthly. They will be early previews rather than exclusives.
7) $10 tier includes print copies of future zines and chapbooks.
Although I will strive to post at least 3 times a month, they will no longer be in any set schedule. This frees me to post more writing more frequently, depending on what I created.
Thanks for reading. Click here to become a patron.