Edmond’s Rock

When the waves came,

as a smooth summer breeze,

I was compelled to relax.

It was a long trail

I had traveled, and seeing

such calming waves made

me realize I was nearing

my destination.  The sea was

out there, beyond the perch

of the waves.  The waves came

from the sea, and they were

friendly and inviting.  There were

at least two score of them;

some were moving towards the

vessel, most were drifting

off to sea.  When they waved,

I was compelled to wave back.

As I took in a deep breath of

the Puget Sound air to calm my

nerves, I gave thanks to the

waves of Edmond’s Rock:

for they alone gave me a comfort

I had yet to enjoy.

*This poem appears in free eBook Seattle’s Hymn.