The Laroarian Conflict (Excerpt)

“Logan!” cried the young woman.  “We have to get going.  Mom and Dad should be waiting for us at Clock Haven.  We have to tell them what happened.”

Logan, who was a pudgy tan young man, crossed his arms across his chest defiantly.  “There isn’t any way I’m telling Mom and Dad what I did.”  He began to pout.  “They’re going to whip my butt for sure.”

“Stop it, brother,” the young woman sighed.  “They’re not going to whip you.  You always take things out of porpor—”

“Mary!” interrupted Logan.  He pointed to a raft that was floating up to the bank of the River.  “There’s a lady on that raft!  She looks hurt.”

His sister turned to see a blond haired Target Thief lying on her back bleeding.  Before she could tell him not to go, Logan was already rushing over to the woman.

“Logan, come back!” called Mary after her brother.  “You don’t know who she is.  She could try to kill you!”  She began chasing Logan.

“She looks too pretty to be a killer,” said Logan as he reached the raft.

His sister soon joined him and they loomed over the Thief like angels of death.  The lady slowly began to open her eyes.  The first thing she saw were two unfamiliar faces gawking at her from above.

The Thief gasped in fear.  She didn’t know who the two kids were.  They didn’t look like they were affiliated with any of the warring parties, but they might be Nomads.  Slowly, she began to rise to her feet.

The lady almost fell as she attempted to move.  Logan caught her and dragged her to her feet.  He placed one of her arms over the back of his neck, and Mary did the same.

“We’re going to take you to Mistrust Road,” said Logan to the Thief.  “My name is Logan Wallace, and this is my sister, Mary Wallace.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss,” spoke Mary politely.  She gave her brother an evil look.  She didn’t want to help the Thief, who could be dangerous.

“So, Miss Thief,” smiled Logan, “what might your name be?”

“Jenny,” whispered the lady.  “My name is Jenny McMillian.  Can you two take me to Cross Tower?  I have to meet someone there.  It’s very important that I make it to Cross Tower.”

“Sure,” beamed Logan, “we’ll take you to Cross Tower.  But, first we’re going to have to get you healed up at Mistrust Road.”

“We’re not taking her to Cross Tower,” frowned Mary.  “What would Mom and Dad say?”

Jenny coughed.  “If you guys have better things to do than save my life, just take me to Mistrust Road and I’ll find my own way to Cross Tower.”

“Nonsense,” laughed Logan.  “My sister here is just jealous that you look ten times better than she does.  So, when you’re done with what you got to do in Cross Tower, how about me and you going out to dinner sometime?”

Jenny gave out a weak chuckle.  “Sorry, kid, but I’m married.”

“Think of it as a way to repay me for saving your life, since that husband of yours is nowhere to be found,” replied Logan.

“You’re pathetic,” Mary said with a sigh.

Jenny only wordless shook her head.

The trio was advancing to a pair of horses.  A cart was attached to the two horses.  As the group made it to the horses and cart, the Wallace siblings helped Jenny into the cart.  They laid her down on the straw that blanketed the wooden planks of the cart.  Logan opted to stay back there with her, and Mary was forced to take the reins.  It would take a few hours to make it to Mistrust Road.

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