Upon the nude dark continent I stood:
A god among men, draped in divine sweat.
My holy scepter is my morning wood.
In this cyber jungle is where I met
You . . .
Stepped through the tangles of unwanted lust,
Carrying sweet ambrosia in a vial.
You dripped the nectar on me, and now I must
Follow your scent through the joy and the trial.
You . . .

Ask me for a treasure worthy of you.
My meager gift, the gem of poetry,
I fasten onto a chain of emerald hue.
I genuflect and offer word’s jewelryTo you . . .

I give my future, and discharge my past.
The passion of sex stimulates our minds,
Respect and trust will make this union last.
And when I close my eyes, I seem to find


*This poem appears inĀ To Woman, From Man: Love Poems.