Jinn Tales: Amie’s Origin (Excerpt)

​Mandy flung herself out the door. She leaned against the house, panting. She had to get away–from her mother and Mrs. Jacobson (her soon-to-be mother-in-law). She needed space from everyone, including her personal slave girl, Annie. They were suffocating her with excitement, details and plans for a wedding she didn’t want any part of, let alone as the bride.

The daily talks and dinners and samples had been going on for four weeks. Each mention of her pending nuptials to Samuel made Mandy’s stomach churn and drained the life from her complexion. Her mother asked if she was feeling well, and Mandy took that opportunity to excuse herself out back for a breath of fresh air.

Mandy closed her eyes, sighed to steady her breath. Things would be fine. She could live through this, she could make it out alive. She opened her eyes, looked out into the fields of the Jacobson plantation and saw him: a living Adonis carved from sleek black lacquer.

He stood in the field not too far from the main house. He was shirtless and in short trousers drawn so tight around the groin that it left little to the imagination. He was staring directly at Mandy with eyes that pierced her soul.

Yes, that’s what Mandy wanted. She licked her lips and walked towards him. He tilted his head as she stepped off the porch and advanced in his direction. He grinned. He knew what she was doing, why she was hasting out to see him, alone.

Mandy stopped a few feet from him. She inspected his charcoal-colored skin, his deep brown eyes and chiseled facial features. Yes, he would do. Even after all the days spent at the Jacobson plantation, she had never seen this Negro before. Was he new? Was he from another plantation on an errand for his master? She needed to know; if she was going to move in with the Jacobsons when she married, she had to know how deep was the water she was about to step into.