10 Free eBooks

Greetings and salutations!

One of the challenges I’ve faced as an independent author is getting readers to take a chance on my books. I’m not a household author name and I’m titles aren’t listed on any bestsellers lists. Those are all working against me in this age of a seemingly flooded market of books & writers.

One thing I do have working for me is an extensive backlist of books. I’ve been publishing since 2004. I offer some older and short titles as free eBooks. Currently, I have 10 freebies. Here’s how you can download them.

Issuu eBooks:

These are the 8 eBooks I have listed as free downloads on my profile on Issuu.com.

Membership eBooks:

The last 2 eBooks are freebies given exclusively as thank-you gifts to subscribers of my newsletter. Join my free newsletter here.
  • A Dying Planet – Fantasy novelette about a shaman’s quest to save village from a god’s curse.
  • Poetry: Anti-Social – Poems about (anti-)social interactions.

These 10 free eBooks are introductions to my work. Please read & share the links with your network.

I have longer collections and novels as eBooks and handmade zines for sale on Etsy. Check out my Patreon for more ways to get my eBooks and zines as rewards and access to new writing.