Why You Need A Publishing Consultant

In my 10+ years of publishing, I’ve been approached by dozens of aspiring writers who have a “book in them” but seek guidance in turning that dream of being an author into a reality. Their anxiety is completely understandable. There’s a lot involved in publishing beyond writing; in which format(s) will the book be available (eBook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook)? How will your book be distributed? Who is going to publish your book? And so forth and so forth and so forth. It’s enough to make one’s head spin, doesn’t matter if you’ve published before or are new to the industry. Publishing is a rapidly changing industry.

As a publishing consultant, my years of experience work for you. Sure, there are books you can buy, blogs you can read but they offer only general advice that might not suit your goals and your book’s needs. A publishing consultant offers personalized advice and recommendations tailored to you and only you. Every writer writes for different reasons – some for fame and fortune, others because they enjoy it. A publishing consultant acts as a mentor to help you plan your publishing venture and maximize your efforts.

That’s my approach. My plan comes with an initial meeting, a 20-minute phone or chat conversation for me to get a better idea of your publishing goals and needs. That’s on the house. I offer hourly consultations as needed; schedule as little or as many as you’d like. I’ll be your publishing confidant and accountability partner.

Contact me here to schedule your initial consultation.