Why I Write

I write to express myself. There’s a jumble of thoughts in my mind; writing allows me to assemble these scattered images like a puzzle, allowing me to focus on the whole picture.

I write to communicate with others. Writing gives me time to formulate what I want to say to others. It also creates a more permanent foundation for others to respond to; to tell me what they think of it.

I write to connect with the larger world. My physical sphere of influence is small compared to those I can reach through my words. My books have traveled all across the U.S., to Canada, the U.K., Japan and beyond. However, I, myself, have never journeyed beyond my native country.

I write because it brings me joy. I receive no greater joy than when I can express, communicate and connect with others through writing. I do not write to make a ton of money. My goal is to have it support me enough so that I can write full-time, because I am happiest when I am writing. I want to share my happiness with others, and, if they enjoyed my writing, for them to share it with even more others – creating a train of happiness and thought-provoking entertainment that can spread across the world.

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