Reflection: Writing A Poem A Day

​It’s been over four years since I began the 30th Year Poetry blog. It was a challenging and rewarding experience. Taking upon this task forced me to write each day, but it also caused me to silence my inner editor-critic as well. I couldn’t worry about “is this poem good enough?” while writing. Don’t get me wrong, I still questioned the merit of my work from time to time, but I didn’t allow that thought to stifle my creativity; to block me from writing, revising and showcasing my work. It reminded me that for some people, your writing will never be good enough – and that’s okay. You don’t need to please everyone; write your truth for yourself.

I’ve heard that only “good” writing should be published. I don’t agree with this statement because it doesn’t answer two crucial questions: 1) What is “good” writing? 2) Who determines which writing is “good”? There’s no consensus on these answers; that’s why the idea of only allowing good writing to be published is asinine. I’ve learned that whatever I’ve written – from pieces I loved, to pieces I was “meh” about to pieces that I hated – has resonated with someone’s spirit; it was “good” to someone.

If it’s good for one person, then it is good.

Keep writing. Keep improving with each poem, each story, each article, each blog, each book. Express yourself unabashedly – share what you’ve written if and when it’s ready. Even if you don’t think anyone will read it. Trust in yourself and your message. Remember: Only you can write like you; only you can write your truth.

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