I Am Sound

They said I could not exist here. That the space between planets, stars and other celestial bodies is a vacuum. They were wrong. I am a pulse. I vibrate. I can join with a speeding element; let it absorb me into its electron carapace.

What’s stopping me from snaring a passing particle, hitch a ride to another galaxy? The darkness of the universe is a fluid mass full of atoms with which I can mesh. I caress the curves of bits of dark matter; they love me back and carry me with them.

Take me. Take me to unreachable worlds. I hear there is a planet where it rains diamonds. I want to rat-ta-tat-tat against that wealth of precipitation.

I am a wave of energy searching for a drum. I strike a drum and become sound!

My beat was first kneaded from a drum in Nigeria. I jet-streamed over ocean waves to Brazil; bounced to Barbados; struck Florida at its toe; whipped through Georgia like a hurricane; rattled over to New York and Toronto before bounding up to the ionosphere. And then past it.

A comet carried me beyond the asteroid belt. I ping-ponged between asteroids the size of small moons; moving closer to Jupiter. Gravity from this gas behemoth flung me out of the solar system.

My rhythm hasn’t died. My song still plays. I continue to echo the love spoken from that lone drum. I carry my people’s voice and plea into the ears of their celestial ancestors. Whatever your drum beats, the rhythm resounds for eternity.

I am music. I am story. I am a pulse. I am vibration. All I need is a drum to strike to become sound.

*This short story is available as a broadside and appears in Confessions.