Ancestors Dream of Africa

My ancestors built
This nation
In full days of scorching heat,
Through long drafty nights.When they rested –
They were seldom
Afforded the luxury
Of rest from white industry’s yoke –
Their thoughts
Their hopes
Their prayers
Their dreams
Rested on Africa.

For some, Africa
Was an earlier memory;
For some, a world of kingdoms
Made manifest in griot lore;
For others, a jigsaw puzzle of broken
Promises to be reassembled.When you say
You will not abandon
The ancestors’ labors;
You will not leave
Their flesh to be devoured
By pale vultures;
That you will reap the profit
Due from centuries of unpaid wages,

I answer:
“Good. While you claim
Their compensation,
I will fulfill my ancestors’ dreams.”

*This poem appears Our Stories.