Life Is Around You*

Around you is life–
You already knew that.
People, animals, trees
Are all alive, just like you.
But that’s not all that is alive.
Rocks, the wind, buildings
Are alive, too, in different ways.

There is a science behind life,
Though scientists fail to comprehend
It. To them, “life” is limited by certain traits.
Until we discover proof otherwise,
This is the default method
Of categorizing something as living,
Dead, or non-living.

I wish the wind could shout
To the heavens that it is alive,
That it is annoyed when we push
Upon it with our breath.
Or what if rocks groaned under
The burden of our weight when we
Sat down upon it–could we continue
To call it non-living?

*Written March 3rd.

Copyright 2013
A. J. Hayes
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