All-Seeing Eye

I am an eye seeing
Through hurricane clouds.
I will not be dissuaded
By your whipping winds
Of insults. You fling
Debris at me; thank you
For the lacerations and scars.

I already knew I was alive–
Breathing confirmed that–
But your attacks made me
Realize that despite claims
Of following a god of love,
Of inflicting injury and servitude
In order to save my soul,
You are truly a vile creature,
Bereft of the soul you believe
Is heaven-bound.

You were born
With one, same as I,
Yet you exchanged yours
For dominion over land, goods
And people; the same as my
Tribesmen traded me
For your trinkets, guns and liquor.

Neither you nor my tribesmen
Will reach prosperity. I’ve seen this.
I am an eye that sees all.

Copyright 2013
A. J. Hayes
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