A Warning

I will tell you this, because you are there
And no one else is. Demons exist; holy
Texts are correct on that matter.
They do not, however, reside in vapors
Or in eternal bonfires below the Earth’s crust.

Demons are born in mankind; incubated
Inside souls. They are fed and nurtured
With beatings–every bruise a meal.
Each ridicule received worth a gallon
Of water. Feeding on oppression,
The demon grows like a parasite;
Maturing while consuming the host.

And then it bursts through, completely
Entrapping the host vessel in its shell.
Roles are reversed; now the demon
Is the human, and the soul is locked
Within the demon. It dissolves, day
By day, as it eats what demons
Thrive on: anger, hatred, fear, violence.

The demon is known for outbursts.
It is as an enraged boar, flushed
Crimson, charging at any movement
Spotted: rustling leaves, birds taking
Flight, squirrels flirting along roots,
Snakes slithering in trees, panthers
On the prowl. The targets vary in threat:
Some are weaker than the demon,
Others are stronger. Demons know no
Discretion; they attack anything
Within its way–including itself.

I tell you this because there is a demon
Within me. The casing around it has fractured;
Spider webs creep along its sides and roof.
Once it escapes, there is nowhere for it
To go, except around and over me.
I will bring death and mayhem to whatever
Is nearest to me once it leaves.

You have been warned.

Copyright 2013
A. J. Hayes
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