Last Day On Earth

I remember waiting outside Best Buy
For the electronic crash of Y2K.
At midnight, when it was bruited
About that electronic security measures
Would collapse, I was going to break
In and loot the latest laptops and videogame
Consoles–all of which would be severely
Outdated now. The failure of electronics
Never came to pass then, not even temporarily.

On the eve of this new “end of the world”
Scare, supposedly predicted by the Mayans
(Who were unable to predict and prevent
The demise of their own civilization at the arms
Of Spanish imperialists), I will send mass texts
To all my lady friends who I have crushes on,
Declaring my undying and unique love for each
Of them, in hopes at least one would be willing
And free to spend her final day on Earth
By wrapping herself around me.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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