Villainous Poet

Is it possible to be famous
Without being known?
It is my endeavor to become
A shadow within the spotlight,
Noticeable for my words
And nothing else.

In my next interview,
I will mechanize my voice
So that it sounds like gears
Scratching. I will wear a full
Face mask, like Doctor Doom’s,
Whenever I go to recite poetry.
The confines of the metal
Will successfully muffle
My inflections, yet allow my words
To remain audible.

I will become a masked poet
Who only answers inquiries
With harmonic grunts–
An antithesis to this society
Where every aspect of the worshiped
Is recorded and dissected,
Like etherized frogs, by the masses.
I will become a villain to the world,
A poet who maintains the mystery of poetry.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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