Remove one block, and it all falls down;
Art is a perverted game of Jenga,
Where every move topples the edifice.

Society is an art. Citizens wield paintbrushes
Either with expert skill or amateurish ambition.
Some are content to paint by numbers,
Never veering outside traditional lines;
Others seek the distorted truth in the abstract.
But most paint without vision, slinging paint
Everywhere without considering the final project.

From this world, I shall dry my brushes,
Sit down my pens; walk away, with my eyes
As the canvass and forsake the vain endeavor.

Along my stroll, I see a sports car
Ride up on the back bumper of a minivan.
I am reminded that we can only drive
As fast as the car in front of us.
If careless or impatient, we will collide,
Crash into a heap that is as artistic
As a crumpled piece of paper. 

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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