Portrait Of An Artist

“What is the role of the artist?”
That is a personal question,
The answer froth with opinion.
And, similar to most answers,
The answer only applies to that particular
Artist at that particular time.
(Evolution is a slow process;
Every moment changes an object,
Often in ways unnoticed until compared
With a completed stage.)

Such is the way of this universe
Of energies vibrating at varied frequencies;
Everything is until it isn’t.
2 + 2 does not always equal 4.
Take two women, add two men
And you’ll get one orgy.
Or a group. Or whatever.

My point is, oil forever floated above water
Until scientists discovered one oil type didn’t.
Logic is inherently full of fallacies–
Like believing a few examples
Represent the whole or that reality
Is comprised of a series of absolutes.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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