On The Hills Of Success

Some people enjoy the climb;
They relish the rush of air
Against face, stinging and bringing
Tears to eyes; the exhaustion,
Mental and physical, felt
When limits are pushed
And fear is as real as faeries.

Some people anticipate the fall,
And prepare for the inevitable
By standing close to the mountain’s
Edge, peering over to what
Lies below. They know one day
They will tumble, and the rocks
Jutting along the stream
Will make an uncomfortable tomb.

I find the greatest pleasure
In the view from the top–
How the height feels like I’m
Standing on Atlas’s shoulders.
Or, better yet, sunbathing
On the hump of the Great Tortoise’s shell.
This is where my eyes survey
The breadth of pleasures
I was born to enjoy. 

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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