This Is Not America

This is not America;
A man can walk city streets
Without worry of being
Stopped and frisked by police
Who view his black skin
As suspicious and dangerous.

This is not America;
Any woman in can get her birth control
Prescription filled on the dime
Of the insurance she receives
From her employer. No questions asked.
She is covered for anything medical,
Sans input of city hall, congress,
Or healthcare administrators.

This is not America;
A transgendered woman
Updates her driver’s license,
Changing her sex from man to woman,
Her name from Mark to Melissa.
And no one thinks anything of it.

This is not America;
For this country is free of fear
Of police brutality, and politician’s
Do not decide a woman’s choice
For her, and individuals are able
To self-identify in any manner
They deem appropriate.

But this is not America.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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