Summer Date

The beer is cold but watered down.
It was free, so we don’t complain.
The band plays honkey-tonk guitar
Over a dubstep beat. “An interesting mix,”
She says. She is interesting herself.
Her voice is light and playful,
Like a newborn kitten.
Her body is petite and sporty; a striking
Beauty with skin a deep shade,
The color of Ghana or Nigeria.
Outside, she beams, as if absorbing
The sun’s rays into her melanin-rich skin
Gives her youth and strength.
Her long braids compliment her strong
Facial features, the lean and solid lines
That etch out her pleasing visage.
Being near her relaxes me. The smooth
Way she talks and her sleek motions
Soothes me, and even though she is
The city’s most lovely lady, there is not
A shred of nervousness when we converse
Or when I lean close to her and touch her hand with mine.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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