Don’t feed the warlocks.
They can conjure up
Their own food–they
Don’t need your help.
Save your charity for
Someone more deserving.

Don’t pet the unicorns.
Sure, their fur is all
Bright and shining;
Do you know how they
Get that way? Their
Coats are covered
With flesh-eating microbes
That chew bugs and
Human flesh and bone
With identical fervor.

Don’t tap the Plexiglas
Of the kraken aquarium.
This should be self-explanatory.

Don’t stare at the gorgon.
And why shouldn’t you?
There’s an entire hallway
Of human statues
As testament to what
Will occur if you do.

Do wear the provided earmuffs
When visiting the siren’s rock.
Her song nearly drove Odysseus
Insane. Don’t chance it.
Just wear the earmuffs–
Do not try to be a Greek hero. 

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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