Dimensional Twin

The voice of my older self
Assaulted my mind, and warned
Me that if I stepped outside
The house today I would die.
Seeing how my white bed sheets
Entangled me like some tortured
Halloween ghost, I listened
To my cantankerous elderly voice.

As the day wore on, the air
Inside my basement dwelling
Became stuffy at best,
And my knees ached for exercise.
Images of my hand smashing
A child’s head against
The kitchen sink until both ran red
Flooded my mind, and I knew
It was time to leave.

I will disobey the older,
Peevish me. My eyes burn
For natural light, my skin
Craves the sun’s vitamin D.
My mind seeks the solace
Of the trees and birds;
The anguish from the flying
Bugs that sting and bite.

If there is no poem tomorrow,
Then you, dear reader, ought
To know what happened to me.
That my voice in my head
Spoke true, as though it had
Originated from a second
Earth and another me.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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