The Rules Have Changed

The rules have changed, but only for some.
Others have yet to receive the message.
It is dicey to approach a stranger,
one with attractive features and golden
posture. Out of respect for all manner of human-
kind, it is polite to ignore the passerby.
She does not wish to be bothered on her promenade.
Though the subtle glance she steals at me may convey
interest, it could also be that she is watching to see if
I am following her. I do not blame her in the least,
not with violence against women being committed daily
in the street, in the courts, and in the chambers of congress.
When she looks in my direction, I hide my face. Slow my gait.
Head towards the opposite sidewalk. Out of respect.
But if she is captivated by my appearance, my stance
or my clothes, I hope she would stop and call out to me.
Ask me my name. For you see, the rules have changed.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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