Lean Week

It’s a sad sight when hunger
Gets the best of you
And you spend all your money
Indulging your appetites.
Prepare for a lean week ahead.

The grocery store sells
A 6-pack of ramen noodles
For $1.99, or you could
Get 5 for a buck. You do the math,
Because obviously whoever
Is in charge of pricing at the store didn’t.
Ironically, the grocer’s name is Price-Rite.

But it is like getting a
“Bank error in your favor”
Card in Monopoly. Except even
Ramen noodles are more
Useful in the real world than
200 dollars in play money.

And so today, you gorge
On flat bread you’ve kept
In the fridge for the passed two months,
Dipping it in the free hummus
You got a few days again;
A stale and delicious feast
In preparation for the upcoming lean week.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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