Dragon Tears

I’m not as draconian
as a certain constellation,
but I do breathe fire
when pestered. Makes
me quite the hazard at
barbecues. Especially
when there is no bug spray
at hand. If you prefer
your hot dogs and burgers
on the crispy side,
tickle me when I’m cooking yours.

Relationships are another matter.
I’ve burned down entire
neighborhoods during arguments.
My partners have gotten
used to wearing old fire fighter
jackets when we make love.
I’m pretty vocal in bed.
(Sorry. TMI, I know.)
I still have nightmares
about the burns I gave the girl
I lost my virginity to.
She recovered well enough,
but even after half a
dozen years, she still hasn’t
returned any of my calls.

Those are my major complaints.
Other than that, being
a dragon living in the human world
isn’t all that bad. Except
when the lynch mobs come
and the strange looks
random people give me when
I go into town. Oh,
and for some reason folks
always expect me
to go nuts and burn stuff
in a fit of rage–despite the fact
that I’m a pacifist.
Yeah. And I can’t stand when
folks touch my scales
without my permission. Just
reach out with their
pale, grubby hands like I’m
some sort of pet.

You know what, I take back
what I said earlier.
Being in a dragon living
in the human world
sucks! I’m moving
back to Fae Land. I’ll
crash with my cousin Puff
until I get back
on my feet. I haven’t 
seen another dragon in years.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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