I, Like You

I, like you,
Have been rejected.
I’ve had my dreams
Dashed upon a washing board
And scrubbed clean.
The gray stains of hope
Removed, bleached away
Until only the plain truth remained:
It will never happen.
I kept this whitened flag
In my breast pocket,
Folded into a handkerchief,
At the ready to be waved
At a moment’s notice.

I, like you,
Have been deceived.
I have believed lies,
Even when they wavered
Like distant images on a hot day.
I had faith in what I saw,
Though they were merely mirages,
Because I believed in what I felt.

I, like you,
Still cling to the promise of love.
It is out there, for it is in me
And it is in you.
It was planted at the Earth’s conception,
Watered by our experiences,
And is now beginning to bud.
I can tell you’ll care for this flower
Growing inside me.
That is why I like you.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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