Catch Me, I’m Falling

Do you come here all the time,
Or only when the world
Sends you free falling
From a fissure in time-space?

Plummeting through a gate
Lined with silvery sharp teeth;
Phasing through ephemeral clouds,
Tumbling towards Earth,
Nearly incinerating in the blaze of reentry.

Passed the world as they know it.
A world of novelties and cars,
Pretty shiny things and movie theaters.
Where hetero- and homogeneous
Mixtures hold hands as they walk
Along promenades of pillows,
Illuminated by rubies hanging overhead.

The world you land on is as
Adamant as rock, as cold as steel,
As hard as tree trunks,
As sharp as Trojan pikes,
And as deadly as love.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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