Look At Me! (But Don’t Pay Attention)

Poets are naturally observant–
And often get ridiculed for it.
In an era where
Friends’ faces are forgotten,
After endless moonlit hours,
A mellow man in a meadow
Is derided for memorizing
Every leafy fiber on the yellow flower
He had plucked, examined, and
Listlessly tossed over his shoulder
Thirteen weeks prior.

In a land where chimps
Clamor upon tree boughs,
All squawking for attention
And pelting the forest floor with feces,
It is uncommon for a frequent traveler
To notice one’s change in behavior,
Point at it, and say,
“Hey, you! You’ve stopped
Throwing your shit around. Good job.”
And then give the primate two
Shit-smeared thumbs up.

No, no, no. In a moment where
The living walk around with
Their faces stuck in mirrors,
Who are so self-absorbed
That they are in danger of imploding
And find it odd that others are not
As narcissistic as they are,
It is a declaration of war
To make a sarcastic remark
About a person’s change
In appearance or behavior.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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