Heat Of Breath

Entangled: she forgot how.
Strangled: he forgot why.
Asphyxiated: umbilical cord
Wrapped around unborn
Child’s neck. Choking.

As mommy sometimes
Did to daddy. Or as
Daddy did to mommy–
But only during bedtime romps.

She was more prone
To act upon her anger.
Both masked violence
As love. He was the daddy,
No doubt, of both of them.
He should have been more
Careful with them both.
Worn a condom before,
And not even had touched this one.

There was nothing he could
Do about the past. Besides,
He had more pressing matters
At hand; namely his daughter’s
Hands pressing hard against
His neck, cutting off his air.

As his vision darkened,
He remembered why she
Was killing him. His daughter
Choked him because he
Had forced a son inside her.

Copyright 2012
A. J. Hayes
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